Live Cinema

The below video shows the audiovisual content that I worked on for a projection onto the front of a church in Tenerife, Spain.
The content has various stages which takes us through the history of Tenerife.
My job involved developing the idea of ‘A journey through history’ into it’s different stages, supervising the creation of the content, assisting with the installation, animation and editing of the whole piece.

Adeje mapping output feed from Miguel Macaya on Vimeo.

In 2001 I started creating and mixing live visuals for various events across Spain, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany.


In the beginning, I used to mix VHS videos and live cameras using a Panasonic Digital Video mixer. Then came DVDs with the Edirol V4 from Roland and, nowadays, I normally just use Modul 8 software and a laptop to synch and trigger visuals to live music.


Since the early stages I have focused on the aesthetics of both the content and the installation.
Experience has shown me that the best visuals are created when two or more artists collaborate to mix their content into one final piece. An example of this can be seen in the following video:
Godan (Zurich) and I mixing our visuals to live electronic music in Bern, Switzerland.

Below is a collection of images and posters of the past events.